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Leadership and Management Development

Leadership Training – Six Roles of Leaders

Leadership in organizations continues to be the organizational gap.  Organizations are skilled in creating management systems to assure the effective engagement of tasks; however, the process of leadership systemically, professionally, and personally, is a path to congruence for people and systems.  Organizations need to learn and engage leadership profiles to meet organizational needs.  The profiles address leading the organization, leading people, and leading the self; however, understanding how to accomplish this monumental feat is often exceedingly difficult.

While the chart above addresses the scope of leading, understanding specifically what leadership does can often be a difficult process.  There are six roles of leaders – facilitator, coach and mentor as developmental roles and educator, manager and leader as functional/process roles.  Leaders must understand what is to be done, how to do it, when it is important, and where they assess and draw on the strengths of the people within the organization to achieve success.  Roostech International can help you develop and grow the leadership throughout the organization.

Performance Management and Leadership

Sometimes organizations perceive that they understand the process of assessment, planning, and leading, yet the outcomes occurring are less than optimal.  This can be seen as an issue of performance enhancement and improvement. Essentially, how do we achieve excellence in performance management and leadership.

To be effective, leaders and managers must understand how to “connect the dots” between the scope of goals and activities, policy review and development, integration of the business plan objectives, resources, education and training, and measurement and evaluation to assure responsibility and accountability guided by leadership.  Roostech International can help you achieve excellence in your performance management.

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