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Executive & Management Coaching

Executive Coaching and Management Coaching are programs and processes designed to assure that the client can understand the context of the work, the content critical to the success of the work and the process that honors the uniqueness of the individual being coached to assure the success of the person and the work they are challenged to perform.

There are ultimately four capitals that drive the coaching process – Human, Political, Resource and Community Capitals.  Each capital is essential as a dynamic of a human and organizational system challenge for the individual, yet it is built on the uniqueness of each person.  No dynamic is the same for each person, however, all persons will explore the same underlying factors of personal and professional development.

We can help your organization increase sales, boost productivity, enhance morale and increase turnover. Contact us using our contact form or 214.810.9020 for more information.

HUMAN CAPITAL is the compilation of all the facets of humanity within an organization, community or family that focus on the personal and group effectiveness of people within organizations, communities, or families. How groups form, how people embrace the organizational/systemic process, how people sense inclusion and participation in the actions of the organization, how people find themselves being heard within the organization, how diversity is embraced, how consistency is implemented throughout the organization are all critical criteria for the effective management and utilization of human capital within an organization. Who the person is, how the person is valued, how the person is embraced and enhanced frame the human capital of the organization.

RESOURCE CAPITAL is the composite of all the equipment, fiscal, and time resources that are utilized within organizations, groups, and families to achieve the timely, qualitative, and quantitative outcomes of the entity. Focus is more on efficiency than effectiveness within the organization. The issue of resource capital is corporate sustainability. How the organization markets, sells, buys, trades, forecasts, and plans for the present and future with attention to the past of the organization are critical to the overall organizational success. The questions embedded in the resource capital are issues of balancing the values and integrity of the organization, community, family, or group with the fiscal actions of the entity. Resource Capital focuses on the compartments of organizations rather than the whole. Finance, accounting, marketing sales, administration, operations, inventory management and other areas of the organization are the focus of attention.

POLITICAL CAPITAL is the consistent networking and development of influence relationships within the organization and other influence brokers to impact the resolution and management of critical conflict issues, resource issues, human issues and competition issues that arise in the life of an organization. How one develops political allies impacts the overall success of the company when legislative or other factors impede the success of the strategies of the organization. The questions that arise focus on the extent to which political capital is effectively managed for all versus used by persons to manage and control the relationships wanted for the furthering of individual ends. Can each person effectively manage the political capital with integrity without “trashing and disempowering colleagues in order to get ahead”?

COMMUNITY CAPITAL is the composite ethnographic, demographic, ever changing diversity of the community that supports the existence of the family, group, or organization. Image of the organization, participation in the surrounding community, valuing of the diversity and differences of the community, understanding the culture of the community and the culture of the organization to intentionally collaborate with one another are all key considerations in the development of the overall infrastructure of the organization. To discount the community issues ultimately creates poor relations within the community for the organization. Community capital is about the learning potential of the organization and the community and the extent to which there is a shared meaning and relationship between the company and community to create new opportunities for reflection and transformation. The questions focus on whether organizations effectively balance all four capitals in practice.

The Coaching Process includes:

  • Assess and Observe.
  • Give + receive feedback …creating examples of reciprocity, expand communication processes.
  • Demonstrate the MOST EFFECTIVE way.
  • Agree on what will change – understanding effective decision making and explore options and opportunities.
  • Follow up – evaluating and developing a historical record.
  • The most important skill to effective coaching is the ability to listen to others. …
  • Asking open-ended questions. …
  • Collaboration. …
  • Making good use of time. …
  • Establishing teams. …
  • Emotional Intelligence. …
  • Communication. …
  • Setting SMART goals.

Roostech International can provide executive and management coaching for all industry types and all levels of the organization.

We work with individuals to bring out their personal and professional best. Our executive coaches hold weekly meetings with our clients that re-energize and re-focus them, providing them with a plan for personal and professional growth that includes:

  • Increasing professional & personal satisfaction
  • Leadership skills development
  • Communication skills development
  • Strategic thinking and relationship building
  • Image and talent enhancement
  • Confidence building
  • Personal mission, vision and core values clarification
  • Goal setting/action planning and implementing

Progressive, successful organizations are recognizing that in order to retain staff and increase productivity they must support the work/life balance of their staff. Our executive coaches can support you and your staff in achieving individual excellence.

The benefits to you and your organization are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced morale
  • Staff retention
  • Increased sales
  • Improved staff commitment and interest in the organization
  • Greater personal satisfaction
  • Life enhancement in and outside the workplace

We would be happy to offer you a half-hour free private coaching session with one of our Executive Coaches. Please feel free to use our contact form to schedule your complimentary corporate coaching session.

Private 1-on-1 Executive Coaching

The focus is on short- and long-term goals with regularly scheduled phone calls to effectively resolve problems, strategize and learn cutting-edge skills and techniques for long-term success in your business and personal life.

  • Platinum Level: Three 60-minute calls per month, $1,500-$3,000 (assessments included)
  • Gold Level: Two 45-minute calls per month, $700-$900 (assessments included)
  • Silver Level: Two 30-minute calls per month, $500-$600

(Private coaching starts at $3,000 per month.) All of the above include unlimited email support between coaching calls and helping you write your personal and professional development plan.

Executive Coach-on-Call

A full day in your office, and on-call phone coaching service for one year. Call or email whenever you have a question or need to bounce ideas off your coach. Retainer: $50,000 per year.

Seminars/Workshops or Retreats

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Coach Yourself to Success
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Communicate with Power, Grace and Style
  • Build Powerful Relationships
  • Taking Care of Your Best Asset
  • Effortless Selling
  • A Radical Approach to Time Management

Consulting rate/executive board (outside of private executive coaching): $500-$1,000 per hour

Special package rates for combined corporate coaching services available

Client responsible for all travel-related expenses

Improve Your Business Performance

Contact us via our contact form or 214.810.9020 for more information about finding the best executive coach for your company or organization or about any of RTI’s Corporate Coaching Services.

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