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Our firm has proven competencies in crisis management, organizational change management & transformation, certified international project management, certified international program management, strategic planning, real property management, and forensic auto collision & scene investigations

Our principals have proven extensive hands-on experience delivering results-oriented management consulting service to high profile public sector government agencies and Fortune 500 clients throughout the United States and in over fifty countries on five continents.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum – what does it mean?

The approximate translation of this Latin phrase represents our corporate mission statement:

Nothing but the best is good enough for our clients. At RTI, we begin everyday renewing our commitment to consistently deliver only the highest quality consulting products/deliverables and services to our valued clients.

It is important to all of us that our clients receive only our best efforts at all times throughout the duration of the relationship.

We endeavor to provide you and your organization with the same high quality consulting products and services that we would expect if our roles were reversed.

Some of Our Clients


“Dr. Thomas successfully executed a very difficult project for our company – an Oracle ERP implementation at our global plastics plant in Mexico using primarily offshore subcontracted consulting resources. The cultural and language issues involved were enormous, not to mention the business re-engineering issues. Dr. Thomas demonstrated very strong project management and human resource skills throughout this project, and we owe him a significant vote of thanks. ”

General Electric

“It was my pleasure to add Dr. Thomas to our Project Management team as long-term project management consulting resources.

He has added great value to our organization because of his strong technical and leadership skills. He has the ability to handle a large number of projects at one time with ease and excellent capability. He also contributes from a leadership perspective by providing training and insight from the breadth and depth of his experience. ”

State of Montana

“Dr. Thomas is an exceptional project manager to work with. His communication skills are top notch and our team members were able to understand exactly what he expected from them at all times. He is also a mentor who easily shares knowledge about better ways to get the job done with smart work instead of hard work. He genuinely cares about his clients and is a terrific team player. We highly recommend his services! ”

Bank of America

“We have been pleased to have Dr. Thomas assist us over a number of years with multiple strategic planning and organizational development initiatives that have had a positive impact on many state agencies. He and his team at RTI have consistently shown us a high level of professionalism, integrity, and polish that we have been unable to always receive from much larger firms. ”

State of California

“It has been my pleasure to have hired RTI and Dr. Thomas to work with our team. He is a strong program manager, project manager, leader, and team player. Overall, he is an asset to any organization desirous of sustainable project success. ”

“I had the pleasure of hiring Dr. Thomas. He was highly regarded as a global project management resource. He demonstrated great competence in managing all aspects of our multi-million dollar R&D project management budget. His work was flawless and always at the highest level. ”

Merck Pharmaceuticals:

“Dr. Thomas and RTI provide clients with superior executive-level project management and strategic consulting services. As the hiring executive, I was extremely please with Dr. Thomas and RTI’s high level of professionalism, business acumen, and results-driven performance. ”

National Security Agency:

“On time, under budget! Very few of our contractors can claim such a consistently successful delivery record.”

Department of Defense

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