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 Land Use Consulting

Dr. Andrew Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in evaluation of land use, environmental, and economic development related policies.  Dr. Thomas’s background includes academic research on land use-related regulations, analysis of comprehensive plans, drafting legislation, and stakeholder advocacy with regards to formulating and implementing comprehensive plans and other proposed polices.  In all of these instances, Dr. Thomas uses his extensive knowledge and experience in land use as well as numerous other topics to advocate for balanced, equitable, and transparent solutions to policy including:

  • Analysis of comprehensive plans and legislation
  • Legislation
  • Stakeholder advocacy
  • Policy evaluation and analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Public speaking and new media contributions

Some of Dr. Thomas’s specific work relating to land use includes:

  • Advocating on behalf of the Helena Association of Realtors for evidence-based, equitable land use policy in Lewis and Clark County Montana.
  • Drafting Legislation including HB 527, 528, and 529 in the 67th meeting of the Montana Legislature.
  • Academic and white paper presentations at professional and academic conferences:
  • Exclusionary Zoning and Legal Challenges to Restrictive Planning, American Dream Coalition, August 6-8, 2017, Washington D.C.
  • Gentrification and Transportation: An Analysis of Congestion and Real Estate Values in Washington State. Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, 2010, Spokane Washington.
  • Legislative and Other Challenges to the Growth Management Act in Washington State: The Past, Present and Future of Land Use Planning in the Evergreen State. Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, 2007, Spokane, Washington.
  • The State of Transportation Policy in the Pacific Northwest: A Long-Term Analysis, Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, 2009, Victoria B.C.
  • Regional Colonialism: The Political Economy of Regional Migration in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Northwest Political Science Association, 2008, Portland Oregon.

Work Examples (PDF)

About Dr. Andrew Thomas

Dr. Andrew Thomas is a broadly trained professional with an extensive background in a wide variety of analytic tools and practice areas. With over twenty years’ experience in academia, law, government, and the private sector. Dr. Thomas has worked in a wide variety of industry verticals and brings a unique analytic perspective to high-profile client issue resolution. His research has focused on the intersection of organizational behavior, individual psychology as well as legal, political, and financial structures, especially those relating to land use, economic and environmental policy, and economic development.

Dr. Thomas’ educational background includes a Ph.D. in Political Behavior, Public Policy and Public Administration from Washington State University (2010), a J.D. and a Masters in accounting emphasizing taxation from Gonzaga University (2014), and a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Missouri St Louis (2022). Dr Thomas is active in a variety of community, academic and policy related organizations as well as being a member of the Idaho State Bar.

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