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Creating Belonging for All

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Culture Change

Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, Equity and Belonging are the critical process impacting Community Engagement and Culture Development. Organizations today are continually embracing how to become inclusive of difference within their organizations. Becoming different as an organizational system allows the capacity for diversity appreciation within the organization. Each day, situations arise that challenge the underlying assumptions of community, team, culture suggesting that building a new culture is critical. Central to that culture change is the process of engaged belonging. As such, emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence are embraced to assure the possibility of shared accountability, shared decision making, shared communication, shared risk taking and shared responsibility. seeks to collaborate with organizations to shift the landscape creating a different picture of the whole than previously experienced within the organizational system by people. Organizations do not just need to change, they need to heal from their traumas along with their employees both personally as well as  professionally.  The consultants at lead the way in helping organizations and employees holistically identify and successfully heal their traumas.

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